Daniel Blumberg Will Not Be In Studio With Yuck For Their Second LP

    When I think of the nineties… Ride, Slowdive, and other acts with gossamery vocals, skimming through the layers of swirling guitars, increases the production of endorphins in my brain; while the American alt-rock scene felt irrelevant to my existential existence in the heartland. So when Yuck emerged in late 2010 with a loads of buzz, as a band with nostalgia for the nineties alternative rock, I was surprised to find myself playing their self-titled debut LP on repeat when it came out in February 2011. But I was a bit disappointed by the unexpectedly tame performance when the UK quartet came through Portland that July. Frontman Daniel Blumberg spoke few words, and when he did, it was soft and gentle. He looked like a teenage Dylan, and I had no doubt this lad possessed some serious talent. I blamed Yuck’s less than dynamic showmanship on their springtime and expected to be blown away in the future – when they would tour, supporting the highly anticipated follow-up. Well, looks like I need to redirect my prediction in light of Blumberg’s departure from Yuck, just as they are about to commence the recording of their second album. Perhaps Max Bloom, (who was also Blumberg’s bandmate previously in Cajun Dance Party), will expand his lead vocal duty on the new LP. Judging by the guitarist’s effort on”Operation”, Yuck may be able to carry on their glorious indie rock. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Blumberg emerges with work that would rival Yuck’s debut in the coming months/years.

    Check out live videos from Yuck’s stop in Portland in 2011, where Blumberg and Bloom take turn for the lead vocals.