D’Angelo Lookin’ Good In GQ

    Most artists treat their comeback tour like Armageddon; a day comes where we’re suddenly drowned in reissues, a comeback tour in every city, and innumerable interviews where everyone fails to pretend like they like one another. But for D’Angelo, the prodigal neo-soul lover man whose brilliant output and decade of radio-silence places him squarely in the Mark Hollis echelon of unicorn-mythical pop geniuses, it’s been more like a series of tremors.

    First his partner-in-crime ?uestlove leaked some possible songs from D’s long-rumored third studio album James River; then some real, live festival appearances evinced he might return to duty; and now, by appearing in the June issue of GQ, confidently sporting braids, a cigarette, and what appears to be a sharkskin suit, we have our first example of what might be called promotion. I won’t speculate further because I don’t want to jinx anything, but it’s safe to say that I’ll be buying 5-10 copies of this issue. Check out D’Angelo in Paris three months ago below.  

    Photo Credit: Gregory Harris/GQ