Fans To Introduce Beyonce At Pepsi’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

    Aside from the actual football game, the NFL halftime show is the most talked about event the following day at water coolers across the country. This year’s show is likely to round-up even more buzz as Pepsi is sponsoring the first ever crowd-sourced introduction to air during the big game. 

    Right before Beyonce is set to hit the stage, Pepsi will be launching an introduction spot featuring photos submitted by hundreds of fans. Starting this Saturday, Dec. 29, people can enter photos of themselves for a chance to be featured as part of the introduction to Beyonce hitting the stage at the Super Bowl on Feb. 3 on CBS.

    People who submit their photos are also in the running to be one of 50 lucky fans that will be selected to cheer Beyonce on during the halftime show. 

    To enter the contest go to starting tomorrow and submit photos for specific poses, such as head bops, toe taps, jumping, and more.