Dana White says UFC has ‘too many rich guys’

    UFC President Dana White seems to think some of the league’s top fighters are losing their motivation to fight because they are making so much money.

    “The biggest (expletive) problem is we got too many rich guys,” White said in an MMAFighting.com interview.  “Too many guys that are rich as (expletive.)  Money is the biggest detriment to the fight business.  Back in the old days when we were just getting going, dudes had to pay the (expletive) rent.”

    White may have a point, as UFC events of the early-90s would often feature eight combatants fighting for one $50,000 prize.

    By UFC 80 in 2008, the league was dishing out over $140,000 in bonuses on top of normal fighter appearance salaries.

    And by 2012, top-billed fighters like Anderson Silva, Tito Ortiz and Dan Henderson, hauled in over $200,000 each just to show up to the octagon.

    Are UFC fighters losing their motivation to fight because they make so much money?  Let us know in the comments.