Dan the Automator To Make Deltron 3030-Inspired Beer

    Hip-hop fans thirsty for some new beats from afro-futurist super group Deltron 3030 will have to keep waiting, though a new project from group-member Dan the Automator will give them something to sip on in the meantime. The Automator, née Daniel Nakamura, is teaming up with Delaware’s Dogfish Head Brewery to produce his very own beer. The brew will be a spiced apple cider ale dubbed Positive Contact after at track off the group’s debut album, Deltron 3030. In a culinary move fitting of the musician’s eclectic style, the brew will also include hints of slow-roasted farro, cayenne, and cilantro. Doesn’t sound too bad.

     Positive Contact will be sold in a box set of six 750-ml champagne bottles. And if the brew’s 9% ABV isn’t enough to get your head swimming, the 10-inch vinyl EP of new Deltron 3030 remixes included in the box will surely do the trick.