Dan Deacon Readying EP, Two LPs

    It’s now been more than year since Dan Deacon dropped Bromst, his stunning achievement in noise, and the dude has apparently been busy: He’s reportedly readying one EP and two full-length LPs at the moment.


    To the EP first: it’s a change of pace for Deacon, since it will only be his voice and an organ. It’s reportedly a “sad” EP, and Deacon is planning to release it as a limited edition self-released album, and he might put it out under a name other than his own to avoid people being disappointed that it’s not fun-time music. It will include a cover of the Everly Brother’s “All I Have to Do is Dream.”


    To the LPs: He’s working on two records with the large backing ensemble that joined him on tour throughout last year. The ensemble will be augmented by a string and horn section. One album will be long-form musical digressions of about 20 minutes each, and the other will be, as Deacon told Pitchfork “pop-song-length pieces.”  


    There’s no word on when to expect any of the projects, but the EP is due out in “a few weeks.” [P4K]