Dan Deacon Putting Finishing Touches On New Album, Maybe Out This Year

    Apart from some tours and his work on the score for Francis Ford Coppola’s Twixt, all has been quiet from Dan Deacon since 2009’s still great Bromst. But according to a new interview with Stereogum, Deacon is close to wrapping up his new album, and plans to put it out this year, under his new deal on Domino. Deacon filled the interview with lies, so it’s a pretty funny read. Here’s a sampling below. Read the whole thing at Stereogum. 

    STEREOGUM: Tell me about your new record. How and where was it recorded? Was the recording fun? Painful? Weird? What happened? Who did you work with?

    DEACON: It was recorded mostly in my studio in Baltimore and other places in MD. Recording it was super fun! Way different from my previous processes, Chester, the producer and I experimented much more in the studio. There are about 30 players on the album and it was really fun working with that many people, trying out different approaches and articulations with them.

    {We recorded in really awesome exotic places and before each session we would hypnotize each other and smoke DMT out of skulls we dug up from ancient grave sites. The spirits wrote the music but they wrote it in tabs and none of us could read tabs so it was kind of a waste but whatever.}   



    STEREOGUM: What are your hopes, dreams, and immediate plans for the rest of 2012?

    DEACON: I’d like to focus on getting in shape. As comment sections of many blogs like to point out I am fat. It’s going to be a big touring year and I’d like to get in shape for it and I’d also not like to die of some horrible preventable illness because I like eating until I hate myself.

    I’d like to get more involved in local politics/social issues in Baltimore. Working on the album and other projects kept me away from the growing uprising and I’d like to dive into that headfirst in the coming year.

    Also it’s crazy that it is 2012.