Damon & Naomi Releasing New LP, ‘False Beats And True Hearts,’ May 9

    It’s been 25 years since the duo of Damon & Naomi began recording together. And as a way of celebrating that milestone, they will release their follow-up to 2007’s Within These Walls this May. False Beats and True Hearts again finds them tinkering with lush soundscapes and teaming up with guitarist Michio Kurihara.Fans of the duo will remember that they collaborated with Kurihara’s band, Ghost, in 2000 for the album With Ghost.


    While the dreamy qualities of their previous efforts will sound familiar, there are plenty of new additions to their style here. For one, Damon & Naomi have apparently crafted far more upbeat tunes. Also, Naomi has taken up the piano, which can be heard throughout False Beats and True Hearts.


    View the track listing below. False Beats and True Hearts drops May 9 on 20/20/20.


    01 Walking Backwards
    02 How Do I Say Goodbye
    03 Shadow Boxing
    04 Ophelia
    05 Nettles and Ivy
    06 What She Brings
    07 Embers
    08 And You Are There
    09 Helsinki