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Damon Albarn Won't License To Glee, Fears Teen Show Will "Lead To Emptiness"


Though most of the Glee dissing this week has had to do with some photos of the cast taken for a GQ spread, Damon Albarn has other issues with the teen musical. Saying that shows that cover the music of other musicians will eventually "lead to emptiness," Albarn went on to guarantee that none of his music will ever appear on the program. He scoffs at the monetary upside, so Gleeks everywhere will have to do without the animated Gorillaz tribute; maybe The Chipmunks are available. [Stereogum]

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Damon Albarn

Though I like Glee, I agree with Damon on some points. Glee missed the opportunity of using obscure or indie music that's appropriate to the story, esp. now that Glee is much bigger. Like who needs to hear another serving of GaGa or Britney songs? The only thing obscure in Glee were songs from Broadway musicals. Ryan Murphy should take a cue from Jason Reitman or Wes Anderson. An equal mix of pop and "hipsterish" music would be awesome.

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man, damon albarn has the coolest speaking voice. pure lovage, baby.


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