Damon Albarn Says Blur Is Planning Something “Small” In January


    You’d think Damon Albarn would have enough going on with his proposed release of a new Gorillaz album before the end of the year. But there’s one question that Albarn can’t avoid no matter how popular his cartoon electro-pop outfit gets—ie. What is the current status of the Blur reunion?

    Up until now the singer has been coy about his intentions with Blur, but he has opened up about it in a recent Sky News interview. “We [Blur] did talk about doing something in January,” he said. “Something small, no career-based world domination ideas.” Albarn is also planning a new album with his Good, the Bad and the Queen bandmate Tony Allen next year, and possibly other Gorillaz albums as well, but it’s likely that Blur’s “small” event will trump them all in terms of publicity. 


    [via NME]