Damon Albarn Revisits Opera This Summer

    Looks like Manchester International Festival is the fest to beat this summer. In addition to hosting Björk’s performance of her new Biophilia project, the relatively new fest on the block will also host the premiere of Damon Albarn’s new opera Doctor Dee. The real-life John Dee inspires the production; he was a consultant to Queen Elizabeth I and is described by Albarn as being “responsible for creating the concept of the British Empire.”

    8 performances are scheduled between July 1 to 9. Ticket and venue information can be found on the Festival site.  

    Albarn’s first foray into opera was for Monkey: Journey To The West, which was featured at the first Manchester International Festival. Albarn did not perform in that production, but is slated to perform in Doctor Dee.

    [NY Mag; Image: Wikimedia Commons]