Damon Albarn Not Planning Any Further Blur Shows

    The members of Blur have spent so much time talking about possibly playing more reunion shows that is seems like it would be easier to just stop all the chatter and get on with the job. Graham Coxon has spoken about it endlessly, and now Damon Albarn has said he hasn’t thought about the band since the summer reunion shows, but then proceeds to talk at length about Blur anyway.


    “It was stadiums and everybody singing and very euphoric,” Albarn said in an interview with the Guardian. “Then after the last gig in Scotland I got on the train and left it all behind. That’s it, I haven’t thought about it since. I loved every second of it but then when it had finished it was like, we’ve all got to get on with our lives now.”


    Albarn is currently hard at work on the next Gorillaz album, but it would be unwise to completely rule out more Blur dates. Of all the ‘90s reunions, the meager set of Blur shows certainly left fans wanting more, and there is likely to be considerable interest in North America—although Nardwuar may not be keen to see them again (see below).



    [via Spinner]