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Daftendirekt(ly copied for the most part)

Sampling has been a grey area for producers ever since it became a widespread composition device. No one is immune; if super-ultra-megastar producer Timbaland can get called out for possibly stealing a beat, anyone can.
This video right here isn't the same type of scandal, but it is an interesting document that sorta deflates some of Daft Punk's divinely French electro. Since nobody's ever called them on any of these bits and we're too lazy to go looking through liner notes, we'll assume that Thomas and Guy-Manuel cleared the samples they used on these records.
But wow ... they really could have at least dressed them up a little more. They're close enough that we're wondering if the video isn't the real fake, messing with us in an attempt to drum up controversy.
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Daft Punk

I'd known about them essentially just lifting Breakwater's "Release The Beast" for "Robot Rock" before, but the rest are surprising.Besides that one, though, all the songs are from Discovery. This is maybe going to sound the slightest bit like a cop-out, but that album was a different type of quote-unquote project than Homework; for that reason, it doesn't seem to me to reflect as harshly on their ability to make music as it might if Discovery were their only record. Still, you'd like to think they'd have been a little bit more up front with the samples, or something, but it's interesting to me how little effect this is having/is going to have on my appreciation for Daft Punk. Which is large.

AJ Wolosenko

Steal away robots. just keep me dancing and I'm happy.


i can't think of any good examples because there's no really popular mainstream electronic artists (fatboy slim, maybe?), but if the electronic equivalent to fall out boy or something had done this, there would be outrage. but yeah, your reaction to this type of thing really does just depend on whether you like the guys or not. i was just happy i got to use daftendirekt in a title...i love that song.

Mike Krolak

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