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Daft Punk working on new album

Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo have closed down the Daft Punk pyramid and are working on a new album. Australian website Inthemix snagged an interview with former Daft Punk manager Busy P, who talks about their tentative plans for a new album in this article. “The boys are in a studio in Paris at the moment,” he says. “And I can’t wait to listen to their new stuff! The good thing is that they are making music at the moment.”

Busy P doesn’t reveal anything about the direction the new material is taking, although transforming the jaw-dropping Daft Punk live sound into a studio environment is clearly going to take some time. “They are slow, you know,” he says “They are taking their time, and they have a right.” He also reveals that he has stopped managing Daft Punk, cutting short a relationship that lasted for 12 years so he can concentrate on his own Ed Banger record label. [The Daily Swarm]
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Album Announcement
Daft Punk

Awesome news, but this probably won't come out for another 5 years.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

wow! however long this takes to record, it will be worth it and chances are it'll revolutionize electro once more.

i'm HYPED!

/site_media/uploads/images/users/str8upanddown/Photo 235.jpg Callatelaboca

the pyramid did such magical things. they should stick with geometric figures.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/pinknoiseflava/brhino1.jpg lala

I can't wait for this.

Too bad i''ll be in a nursing home and forget who the hell I am by the time it come out.


/site_media/uploads/images/users/Banger/images-6jpg.jpg B/|nGerKat


/site_media/uploads/images/users/Banger/images-6jpg.jpg B/|nGerKat

very happy about this , but after the last album i am not getting to excited.


i bet it'll be out in march 2009.

pfff.. years my ass

homework = march 1997
discovery = march 2001
human after all = march 2005
new album = 4 years after the last one. like all the others


sweet..they are my favorite band/duo ever. Oh, the great music they put out. blows my mind.


fo shizzlleee
can't wait.


It could be released on Sept 9th (9/9/09)


Sept. 9th 09?! OMG!!! Please noooo!!!!


According to like one of Daf tPunks biggest fans 'Daft Alex' if you go onto myspace and check her comment on Knight Club space (homem's record space) you'll see she says:

20 Aug 2008 04:18 AM




We wan't something as funky as Homework and as mesmerising as Discovery!!!

I agree with Ian, the new album looks set for a march '09 release, but we'll hear nothing of it until mid-feb i reckon, Thomas & Guy-Manuel are prefectionists, as fans we all know this!!
They have never produced a bad track in my mind, with Human After All being the weakest of the release so far....
I just wan't to know what it will be called, and what it sounds like!! It's so exciting thinking about it now, i'm sure they'll overtake the small stranglehold Justice have on Paris as soon as they release this thanggg!!!


I've heard the new single off it. "Hold Me, Touch Me". And it's very good. It's on YouTube.


many of the people say it is not daft punk LanDAnFT but just posers in their place if so booo!!!


they ha better have their old helmets back


I highly doubt that would be Daft Punk. I heard it. It's not their style. I'd think they'd come up with something better than that.


this is gonna be awesome..... there music is reall good.... human after all; robot rock and human after all are my favourite

display pick

man yea this is good news most likely theyll release thier album in sept 9,09 because i havent heard anything about a release date for this month so yea but it would b nice if it did


Of course it ain't Daft Punk. Just because there's been some vocoder used people think so.


they'll prob wont release the "new" album because they scoring the new tron film and they'll be busy working on their 2010/2011 world tour!


U ppl r right. I bet they announce it by suprise one week before it comes. I bet anything now it's past march it comes out on 9.09.2009. Otherwise their would be no 2010-2011 tour. Just a prediction


I heard that it's coming out sometime this year. Which would be no suprise, they take five year breaks between albums. hehehe the 9.09.2009 is my birthday :P :)


I have penis


daft punk suck

Techno hater

you can die, techno hater. i live daft punk, there the most revolutionary band to exist on da planet

thomas bangalter

Any news about the new album? Any rumours?


rumor has it its out the 09/09/09!!!!!!!!!!
wooooooo can't wait

gavin mcgrane

They have made the soundtrack for Throne... and i love it :)
only 5 days than it ist 9.9.09 i hope it will come ther :)


Well, Let's check the date *Looks at date* seems to be it is February 3rd.... Hold up... 2010? Hmm.. Seems to me quite a few of you believed Daft Punk would be coming out with their Album last year.... Well, if I am correct, there is no album from 2009... Their last album seems to be Alive... How about you all get your facts straight.


To the last commenter named "Person" are a tad bit late, why dont you get your facts straight

The Other Person

I heard it's scheduled for release 12/21/2012.

I wouldn't be surprised if that's when it came out also.


guys there is no more daft punk after the next album released in 2011 then we will promote our new album alive 2011 last time.

Thomas Bangalter

He is fake^

Guy Manuel

I gess the new album is going to be Great ! ...well i hope so, cus i love daft punk!!

Luisito Diaz

well is to long but is going to be good because the 6 y they are taking is a good time for new music and the movie they do.. and is call tron but i can wait to see they at live...!!
they need to go more fast .. go go go go go go go go go go go go go go go ~~~~~~ DAFT PUNK~~~~

dj espinoza



So are they still working on it or was tron the album they were talking about??


theyre gonna release "Tron: Legacy Reconfigured" on april 5, 2011. I think thats gonna have more daft punk than just the soundtrack for the movie they made.


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