Daft Punk to Score TR2N

    In the great hall of 80s camp, there is a special place for Tron, the excessively goofy slice of sci-fi cheese released by Disney in 1982, complete with totally laughable special effects. When word started to circulate last year that Disney was attempting a serious sequel to Tron, the project got a lot of attention. However, it’s only starting to become clear how far Disney is willing to go for this sequel: recruiting actual robots to do the score.


    Well, not really. Upcoming Film Scores reports that Daft Punk has been signed to do the complete film score for TR2N, and while there hasn’t been any word from the duo themselves, Upcoming Film Scores also reports that Walt Disney Pictures has confirmed to them that Daft Punk will do the soundtrack. This isn’t the band’s first foray into film music: Thomas Bangalter provided the score for 2003’s exceptionally violent, cringe-inducing Irreversible. It is probably safe to assume that the duo’s soundtrack for TR2N will be a sunnier affair than that. [The Playlist, Billboard]