Daft Punk To Release $275 Edition Of Random Access Memories

    Chances are you enjoyed Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, released earlier this year. It was one of the year’s most anticipated and critically acclaimed albums, but did you love it enough to spend $275 on it?

    Daft seems to believe there’re are enough fans out there interested, as they’re releasing a special boxed edition priced at $275 on their website shipping out in December.

    This special edition will contain two 180-gram LPs with gold and silver foil labels, as well as an additional vinyl featuring an interview with Giorgio Morodor. They’ll also be an LP-sized booklet, featuring the album art and information as well as a 56-page hardcover photo book documenting the RAM sessions.

    An all-out spectacular edition like this is normally saved for classic albums, 10 or 20 years after they’re released…not 6 months later. That said, they’re definitely some cool bits of memorabilia here for the die hard Daft fans. Whether it’s worth $275, well that is certainly debatable.