Daft Punk Played With Phoenix Last Night At Madison Square Garden (Video)


    It’s a pretty slow news day, what with all music blog shutting down to cover CMJ like crazy, but there was big news out of the fest last night: Phoenix played a show at Madison Square Garden (with Wavves and Dirty Projectors!) that featured a surprise guest: Daft Punk, who showed up to help their French compatriots mashup “If I Ever Feel Better” with their “Harder Better Faster Stronger.” It’s a holy shit moment, to be sure, and the crowd reaction is awesome. They seem concerned it’s a trick, then they realize, “Oh shit, this is the real Daft Punk!” That video is above. Then they did a bass heavy remix of “1901” live, which basically shreds any remix you will hear this entire year. It is below. Yet another reason to be jealous of New Yorkers, pretty much.