Daft Punk And Nile Rodgers To Collaborate Again

    With dance floors still brimming to the sounds of the last collaboration between Daft Punk and Nile Rodgers (“Get Lucky” bounded through the million sales mark in the U.K.at the end of June), the Chic maestro told DJAZZtv yesterday that he may be working with the French electronic wizards again in the near future. Rodgers explained:

    “I found in the Warner tape library, some old, unreleased Chic masters that didn’t belong to them that were in boxes that said Chic, but when you opened them up they had Johnny Mathis inside, my film scores, they had Nile Rodgers solo tracks, they had Chic tracks that were not designed for any project except for the guys working with me writing songs. So, I’m going to finish that, and this is an exclusive: Daft Punk wants to do at least one of them with me, so that should be very cool, because they respect the music, they understand.”

    Aside from the prospect of another Daft Punk collaboration, such a treasure trove will no doubt leave Rodgers fans, both old and new, salivating. His work with Johnny Mathis has remained unreleased, bar a few tracks appearing on a 2010 Chic box set, while Rodgers’ previous soundtrack for 1981’s Soup For One, was generally well received. At the moment though, it seems the prolific Chic man can do no wrong with the disco funk collective filling festival crowds across Europe like it’s the summer of ’78.

    Check out the interview here