D-bags hack Kanye’s email, insult his mother’s memory

    The same hackers who got into Kanye West’s email account and caused widespread speculation that West could be doing bisexual porn in the future, have hacked West’s email account again, only this time their shenanigans weren’t so harmless.


    The hackers sent out a fake snapshot of Kanye’s blog, attaching fake titles to posts like "I"m A Grown Man And I Still Play with Lego Toys," and "Straight From The Clearance Rack at Payless Shoe Source, My New Sneakers!!" The hackers also placed pictures of Kanye West’s deceased mother onto the bodies of models wih Kanye’s "Where are you Yeezy" speech bubble coming from them, with titles like "My Mama’s fine azz, don’t you wanna hit it?


    The end of the email read "When you objectify women you promote violence, trivialize sex, disrespect your mother, damage a young girl’s sense of self-esteem and steal her human agency. Every 7 minutes a woman is sexually attacked in the United States. Every 3 minutes a woman is sexually attacked around the world. We are all mothers, sisters, and daughters to somebody. This isn’t art, and it isn’t funny."


    Taking a little bit of righteous wind out of the hackers’ sails is the fact that it was likely the same group of hackers hacked West’s email and suggested he was open to doing bisexual pornography, which was clearly intended to take advantage of sensitive attitudes about sexuality in this country. They also decided it would be a good idea to make fun of his brand of shoes and the fact that he likes legos.


    Not to mention the fact that Kanye West does not take the pictures he sometimes posts on his blog.


    And that most feminists don’t disgrace an accomplished, dead woman to make their point.


    Oh, and that in Kanye’s more recent videos he’s violently killed by women, or been a cartoon pining about a woman, as opposed to, you know, swiping a credit card through one’s butt cleavage. Just saying, if you want to attack misogynists, Kanye’s pretty far down that list.