Cypress Hill And Rusko Team Up For EP (?), Hear A Sampling Now

    You ever get that feeling you’re being trolled? I had that feeling this morning when Andrew Martin e-mailed me a link to a story about Cypress Hill and Rusko doing a joint EP together. I thought he was joking, or trying to trick me into posting up a weird mashup video. But nope, this shit is apparently real: In April, Cypress Hill and Rusko will issue Cypress X Rusko, an EP that was recorded with the dubstep producer over a period of six months. We don’t have much more info beyond the fact that B. Real and Rusko are apparently BFFs now, but we do have a 30-second sampling of what Cypress Hill sound like when they go for the Skrillex set. Not that great, incidentally! [via FACT Magazine]

    UPDATE: As told to us on Twitter, Cypress Hill and Rusko did a song together last year. They have been BFF’s for a while, apparently.  

    Another Update: The EP is definitely coming out sometime in April, is five tracks, and you can hear the entirety of “Roll It, Light It” over at Spin.