Remix Cursive’s “Bad Sects”

    Attention wannabe remixers for hire: Cursive has set up a pretty ingenious contest which allows fans to remix “Bad Sects,” off their latest album, Happy Hollow. If you head over to, you can download seperated tracks of the song that you can use for creating your remix. Once your track is finished, you submit it so that it can be judged by the band. Early next year, the band will announce a winner.
    So what do you win? The honor of having your remix used as a b-side on an upcoming Cursive single, plus a prize pack that includes an autographed poster, a t-shirt, the entire Cursive catalogue and a bunch of other swag. The five runners up have to settle for just the prize pack, so don’t let that be you!
    For more information click on the link above.