Cursive Combats SXSW Tedium

    The overzealous nature of SXSW leads to some pretty sloppy schedules. Cursive, for instance, was booked for three shows in a 17-hour period today, headlining an official show at 1 a.m., then racing between two consecutive day-party slots, at 3 then 5 o’clock.


    While other bands with similarly overzealous schedules have looked a little worse for the wear (The Thermals could use a nap), Cursive has done their best to keep their shows fresh, using their 3 p.m. Mess With Texas show to perform 2003’s The Ugly Organ nearly in its entirity, then their 5 p.m. gig to do the same for 2000’s Domestica (which incited ample moshing, no longer a common occurance at Cursive shows).


    Sure, these shows left this year’s excellent Mama, I’m Swollen a little bit short changed, but they definitely kept the band fresh.


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