Curren$y Working On Three New Projects

    Curren$y must enjoy spending time in the studio as much as he does smoking weed because dude churns out material at a pretty crazy pace. In just the past 12 months alone, he has dropped Pilot Talk II, Covert Coup, Return to the Winner’s Circle, and Weekend At Burnie’s. And for the most part, they have all been good, if not great. OK, that Winner’s Circle mixtape was kind of weak, but three for four ain’t bad.


    Anyway, according to an interview with Droz Daily Steezin, Spitta has three more projects in the works. A third Pilot Talk is planned, which we already knew, along with a mixtape with DJ Drama called Verde Terrace. Curren$y is also recording another effort, though he isn’t really sure what he is going to call it yet. Could it be a reworked version of Muscle Car Chronicles? Or is that album just never going to drop?


    You can watch the full interview below.