Cure For Pain: The Mark Sandman Story (Film Trailer) (Video)

    Cure for Pain: The Mark Sandman Story (Trailer) from Gatling Pictures on Vimeo.


    Full disclosure: I was a big Morphine fan in high school. So, even this by-the-books trailer is enough to start my Friday off right.


    The New England-based trio were best known for its unique instrumentation: drums, sax and 2-string bass. Sounds a bit like a novelty, but take a peek at any of the band’s five albums (1992’s Good is still a desert island disc for me) and you’ll hear songs aged and soaked in aching blues, noir and smoke.


    The film focuses on frontman Mark Sandman’s abbreviated life. He passed away onstage in 1999 at the age of 46. Writer Michael Azerrad reviewed the film for his blog, describing the film as a combination of “pan-and-scanned photos and postcards, low-fi interview footage blown up so large that it looks like it was shot on a surveillance camera, music videos, pages from Sandman’s mother’s published memoir, home movies, TV news clips, and concert footage, as well as newly shot interviews with contemporaries such as Les Claypool, Josh Homme, Mike Watt, and Ben Harper, as well as various bandmates, critics and family members.”


    Of course, the trailer hinges on a few of the noteworthy celebrity soundbytes. “One of the greatest power trios ever,” Ben Harper opines. “I’d never really seen that done before,” says Mike Watt regarding Sandman’s handmade 2-string bass. Or, as Josh Homme puts more succinctly, “That’s awesome.”


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