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Cults Announce Debut Album For June Release

Cults' unlikely rise from MySpace single to major-label signed band reaches its apex on June 7, when Columbia releases the band's awaited self-titled debut. The album, recorded in the past year, was completed with help from engineer Shane Stoneback (who worked with Sleigh Bells and Vampire Weekend), and features 11 tracks, including "Go Outside" and the recently released "You Know What I Mean."


Here's the track list:


01. Abducted

02. Go Outside

03. You Know What I Mean

04. Most Wanted

05. Walk At Night

06. Never Heal Myself

07. Oh My God

08. Never Saw The Point

09. Bad Things

10. Bumper

11. Rave On

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wow they do have more then 8 songs (barely); guess they just dont want to play them live until they finally have them out

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