Cult of Mac Lists 20 All-Time Great iTunes Album Covers

    Cult of Mac (eh, let’s be honest, this is really just one guy’s picks) released a list of the 20 All-Time Great iTunes Album Covers. This must mean that the albums have to be available in the (U.S.) iTunes store in order to be included, which only takes, oh, about 12 albums out of consideration.


    The No. 1 spot was taken by the psychedelia-inspired, alternate album cover for Sagarmatha, a 2009 album by the Lawrence, Kan. band, the Appleseed Cast. Much of the list tends to be weighted toward more recent releases, but that’s at least admitted to, and it’s a pretty massive project to take on. Although I can’t imagine why Shalamar’s Big Fun was left out of the mix. [via LHB]