Crystal Castles Announce Sophomore Album For June 8 Release

    Late last month, it was announced, vaguely, that the Crystal Castles would be releasing their awaited sophomore album this summer. Turns out the album will be out sooner than anticpated: It’s due on June 8 via Fiction. As for the title, it’s Crystal Castles, just like their debut. Way to make it difficult on people looking for a Rapidshare file, Crystal Castles. The track list is below.


    01 Fainting Spells
    02 Celestica
    03 Doe Deer
    04 Baptism
    05 Year of Silence
    06 Empathy
    07 Suffocation
    08 Violent Dreams
    09 Vietnam
    10 Birds
    11 Pap Smear
    12 Not in Love
    13 Intimate
    14 I Am Made of Chalk


    The album will be preceded by a Record Store Day single, which is due out this weekend and will be limited to 500 copies. Set your alarms, folks. [P4K]