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Crystal Castles' Alice Glass Allegedly Punches Fan At Festival


Crystal Castles have got a new album out to promote, so it’s time to conjure up a few “controversial” incidents to help with sales. The band appeared at the Latitude Festival in England this past weekend, where singer Alice Glass reportedly got into a fight with an audience member.


Glass was apparently doing her usual stagediving act (see above) when a fan groped her, causing her to lash out at him. This NME report claims the singer said: “You touch my tits, I kick you in the fucking head." The set was then cut short by 20 minutes after Glass mostly neglected to sing for the rest of the set. The punch-up follows similar incidents at the Sonar and Glastonbury Festivals, with Glass no doubt acutely aware of how much publicity such incidents can provoke when played out on the biggest stages.

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Crystal Castles

"You touch my tits, I kick you in the f___ing head" is not much of a threat, since most of the folks who might do the former would likely enjoy the latter.

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