Crystal Castles’ Alice Glass attacks concertgoer with Microphone (Video)


    Seeing Crystal Castles live is an odd experience; glitch wizard Ethan Kath stays hooded in the background, seeing to the music while singer Alice Glass alternately erupts into fits of rage, stage dives, lays down, humps onstage objects like speaker stacks, and generally gives one the impression she is the victim of some undiagnosed form of autism. However, the oddest thing is the fans, who either stand in the back like they couldn’t care less, or mob the front, shouting "Alice" over and over again and reaching towards the singer like they expect to be faith-healed.


    This video has surfaced where it looks like Glass admonishes a concertgoer before she  repeatedly hits them with a microphone, "over the head" if you believe the video’s title (skip to 1:20 to see it happen). It looks like it might just be one of Glass’s weird stage tantrums until you see the band’s personal security guard, leather-jacketed and towering, jump into the crowd to chase down, presumably, the person Glass was attacking. Why would she hit a fan like that? The video doesn’t make it clear, but I’m guessing it has something to do with some contact like this.