Crystal Antlers Offer New Track, Dropping ‘Two-Way Mirror’ July 12

    Long Beach, Calif.’s Crystal Antlers looked to new territory, both physically and sonically, to record the follow-up to 2009’s lauded Tentacles. The band took to a small town in Mexico where they began writing new music. They also looked to accompany their punk-ish and noisy aesthetic by experimenting with left-field pop, grunge and 1970s folk.


    Crystal Antlers then traveled back home with those ideas to Long Beach, where they properly recorded their sophomore album, Two-Way Mirror, at the Compound studio. They chose to again work with Isaiah “Ikey” Owens, who works as an album producer when he’s not playing keys in the Mars Volta. He previously produced Crystal Antlers’ self-titled EP in 2008.


    Two-Way Mirror drops July 12. View the track list below and head to the band’s website to hear their first single, “Summer Solstice.” It’s a fitting title for a shimmering, albeit still slightly dark, romp.


    01 Jules’ Story

    02 Seance

    03 Summer Solstice

    04 By The Sawkill

    05 Two-Way Mirror

    06 Way Out

    07 Fortune Telling

    08 Always Afraid

    09 Knee Deep

    10 Sun-Bleached

    11 Dog Days