Crow and Matthews open Democratic National Convention with Red Rocks concert (Video Footage)

    With all the interesting endorsements Barack Obama has received from musicians, one would have though the opening concert for the Democratic National Convention would have had a little more pizzazz. Instead of Wilco, Ludacris, or Bob Dylan, a presumably Democratic group of concertgoers at Red Rocks Amphitheater was treated to the musical stylings of country group Sugarland, Dave Matthews, and Sheryl Crow.


    Crow went so far as to alter the lyrics of one of her songs, asking Obama is he was “strong enough to be my man or my president.” While there are a few things slightly unsettling with that statement, music fans and voters might have to accept that Obama is no longer an indie property. To win the election, he’ll have to shoot straight down the middle, which might mean the Democrats will make more of these “comfortable” choices. I’m still holding out for a little Wilco, Arcade Fire and Toby Keith jam session somewhere down the line. [Billboard]