Creed Announce Reunion and Album, Even God Isn’t Vaguely Interested

    It was only a matter of time before this happened: Creed have announced plans to reunite for a tour and a new album. In case you forgot, Creed was that band that made you feel bad about liking Pearl Jam because they made the self-serious anthem rock bands like Creed popular.


    Here’s what Stapp said about the reunion:


    “I said, ‘I love you and if I’ve ever caused you any pain in your life forgive me.’ And they said the same things right back.”



    But this ain’t no cash-in reunion (or a party): Creed say they’re joing up together for a “renewing” and a “re-birth” which wouldn’t seem so lame if it wasn’t probably a metaphor having to do with Stapp’s penchant for mentioning his religion every time anyone asks him about his music. The band will tour this summer (dates are forthcoming, y’all!) and are working on the as of yet untitled album, which they hope to have out as soon as possible. 


    This begs the question of who would even be up for going and seeing Creed on their tour. It’s not like there’s a wealth of Creed fans still lurking out there, just sitting around waiting for Creed to get back together so they can hear “Arms Wide Open” in a club like people have been waiting for a Zeppelin reunion. Or are there? [Idolator]