Creative process pretty much ruins Yorke’s day

    Writing last year’s best free album came at a price for Thom Yorke and his lady Rachel Owen. Turns out he can be a bit of a bitch to live with during the recording process. File that under "Stuff We’re Really Not Surprised To Learn About Thom Yorke."


    And apparently this has pretty much ruined In Rainbows for Yorke’s baby mama, at least temporarily. "I think my missus isn’t ready to hear it yet. Having seen me go through the mill making it," Yorke told Rolling Stone, adding that recording makes him not so much fitter, happier, but rather quite difficult to live with. Well, thanks, Rachel, for taking one for the team all those months that your man split his days between fiddling in the studio and pissing you off. The end result is pretty much brilliant. [NME