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Crappy emo band covers Lil Wayne, somehow hits the charts (Video)


Framing Hanley, a terrible, terrible, emo band from Tennessee have hit the Billboard charts (at number 37) somehow behind a brooding, Hinder-lite cover of Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop.” The video is above for your derision, but be forewarned; skip to 2:18 mark lest you be subjected to the singer with the tragic haircut engaging in some painful dialogue.


This raises some interesting questions: who exactly is buying this band’s album (or buying the song on iTunes)? Is there really a branch of people who hate rap, but like awful covers of rap songs done by guys who wear lip rings? Or do rap fans secretly like it when rock bands, who have no shot at becoming famous on their own, do a timely cover of a song that was a major hit only three months ago?


Either way, I take great solace in knowing these guys will be working at their local McDonalds again by year’s end, while Lil Wayne will be taking a portion of their money from the song. [Idolator]

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Framing Hanley
Lil Wayne

"Or do rap fans secretly like it when rock bands, who have no shot at becoming famous on their own, do a timely cover of a song that was a major hit only three months ago?"

Because I always put thought into how famous the band will be when I buy their music. I never actually base it on whether I like the song or not.


i like this song better than wayne's version sounds a lot better waynes sounds gay as hell




wow this song actually makes sense. Lil Waynes video is suppose to be bout likin this one girl but theres all these chicks in the limo, wen u talk bout a girl u dont show off ur rims or ur clothes and finally a lollipop were someone actually plays guitar

lil wayne= wanna be gangsta-rocker


that song is f#cking gay and whoever does not like lil wayne can suck my fat cock who playa hatin faget ass wanna be bitches.



Andrew, you are the biggest douche bag known to man

and thanks for posting this though...obviously your opinion means absolutely nothing to people, bc the majority of the comments are people who actually enjoy the song
did you REALLY say that about my hair? how old are you? 12?!

Nixon (lead singer of Framing Hanley)

yo christian schene..... wayne really does play the guitar bubs...and im gonna have to back andrew up on this one.. i mean watchin emo kids talkin about lettin her lick the rapper...theres an issue--THEY ARENT RAPPERS and honestly i just thought it was hilarious watchin that..... garbage

B-Rad G

Nixon-- I'm not sure I'd take it as a positive that someone named "poop" likes this better than Lil Wayne's version.

And yes, I am an enormous douche bag. So huge in fact, that I can't lift my head.

At least I got B-Rad G in my corner.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

Oh yeah, I did say that about your hair. And I'm 7.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

Im with ya Dross.

That video and it's apparent success is depressing to me.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Al/batmulletjpg.jpg Al

Yeah, it physical revolts me. I feel like vomiting just thinking about it.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

what the hell is this? cant wayne sue these emo cock sucker or did he actually agree to give them the rights to that song? Wayne probably doesn't care though he's got songs way better than lollypop


Why is this song so angsty? The song's about getting some head, why so depressed?


I am deeply apologetic for the rash comments I made earlier. After much rational thought I have come to see the error of my ways and will no longer play excrementitious covers of famous songs merely for the sake of trying to be famous.

Nixon (lead singer of Framing Hanley)

That last one wasn't the real lead singer. It was my friend being a jokester.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

I like Framing Hanley's version a whole lot better than Lil Wayne's. And there's no way they'll be working at McD's with the talent they have. Talent. These guys can play instruments and sing. And maybe people like this version because it makes you feel something. And just maybe the fact that it's relatively high on the Billboard charts means it's good and more people disagree with you than not.

You dont need to know

bitches please; framing hanley tore this song to pieces; lil wayne doesn't have CRAP on them :) take your hater asses somewhere else.


u kno im a big wayne fan but idk about the whole guitar playing, i havent seen him actually play a guitar in a video, did u catch the CMAs? Supposedly he only played one note and thats it, so before you say he can play guitar, make sure cuz if he cant u'll look like an idiot
songs ok but the intro yelling screaming whatever is too much

wayne fan

What a bunch of retards, losers, and haters. If you don't like a song, then you don't like a song, but to sit around and harp on a bunch of guys who have achieved some kind of cred because they did a cover, shows that bitches will be bitches, and that fawk sticks like you guys can't take a song at face value.

Bitches, every last one of you haters.

And I don't even like Framing Hanley!


aw. nixon's hairstyle is pwnage.

wadever u sae, look at the amt of fans, supporters they have...

lalala sae wadever u want, 101% they wunt b at McDs even after a decade


You're criticizing a cover of fcking lil wayne. It's a song about sucking dick, please tell me who the fck listens to that with an iq higher than their grade point average.


btw, i love lil wayne and the cover by framing hanley. but it's a song about sucking dick. you really can't argue that it doesn't have any musical quality outside of being a good party song.


Wow, I love how everyone's hating on Framing Hanley because they revamped a rap song.
I personally think Framing Hanley's version of Lollipop is better than Lil Wayne's, not only because Nixon is absolutely gorgeous, but also because this band obviously loves what they do and have fun doing it.

Plussss, I like Nixon's hair(:

Krystal Babyyyy

Well, all I can say is these guys are extremely talented. Every song from their album "The Moment" is intense. Before you guys start writing negative comments, watch one of their shows or listen to the CD. I first saw FH live with Evansblue and some of my local buddies, Saving Abel, at Gibson Lounge in Memphis TN. FH does an amazing job reaching a crowd of all ages. I am a 35 year old female who will not think twice about catching one of their shows from here(Memphis) to Nashville. AS far as Nixon and his hair, he has to be the hottest young man I have seen in awhile and I love his hair. Lollipop is just a fun song to switch genre. Keep up the great work, I believe in you!!!

Angela from Memphis

framing hanley's version is a million times better than that wayne guys song


What's wrong with enjoying a cover song?
People like the song because it's fun, and different. I really don't think the band did it with the intention of it blowing up like this. It was probably just something fun they wanted to do, and it all just worked out. Ever been to a rock concert? Sometimes bands play covers like this to throw their fans a curve and lighten the spirits, and it typically goes over very well.
I wouldn't call it trying to cash in on another artist's work, more like "Hey this song would be awesome with some guitar, real drums, some actual singing...etc"
There are numerous CDs that have been released over the years that are nothing but upcoming/unknown punk/rock/metal bands covering popular rap and top 40 songs. Some of it is good, a lot of it is crap, but people buy it because it's fun to hear a familiar song in a new light. If you don't like it, fine, don't listen and don't but it.
Obviously, some people besides yourself don't take irrelevant stuff so seriously.


wow ppl r sayin sum mean things against framing hanley on here... thats really messed up... i myself completely love framing hanley n i love ur cover to lollipop 10 times more than the actual version!!! o n i think nixon is the hottest man alive wit the best voice i have every heard!!!!

Julia Rose<3

OMGoodness... Nixon from Framing Hanley thinks that he his the coolest person on the planet! He's has officially moved to the state of delusion. HAHA. Just kidding. Nixon is one of my favorite people, ever. So, eff all of you FH hating losers. <3

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif XoXoBrandi

all you haters need to get a life...Lil' Wayne doesn't even write his own stop with your BS cause its not nessassary...if you don't like the song then don't listen to it...don't sit on a computer like a bunch of whiney little bitches and complain about it...gosh. Many artists do covers like that all the time...and if you can't handle it then don't listen to it....get a life get off the computer and pop a chill pill cause all this BS over a perfectly good cover song isn't nessassary...FH put some emotion into it...and made it more than a song about getting head. so back off.

Prii chan

Your looking too much into the video. Just listen to the audio file and it's a good song, way better then Lil Wayne's garbage. When I heard the song on the local radio I LOVED it and I had no idea who sang it. I came home and looked up the video and yeah I was totally dissapointed by how lame these guys were but the song is still good. You will hear in the clubs and bars, unless you dont get out... I don't know who made this article but don't you have anything better to do then hate on people who are cleary much more successful then you? Try making an article about the band you like, you moron.


haha this is so funny that people actually care about this so much. its a f-ing song. a song by a band that will be forgotten when their second album comes out and it sounds exactly like their first one. these bands have no cred in my eyes. nothing original here.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif scabwound

If you knew anything about Framing Hanley, you would know that these are some extremely talented musicians regardless of the genre they choose to commercially they're catering to rock, but, as real gifted musicians, they can play and enjoy all music genres. A true musician is never afraid to experiment. Take a look at Tim McGraw and Nelly doing Over and Over, and Jack Ingram doing a country cover on Hinder's Lips of an Angel. It happens all the time so cool it and enjoy music for what it is. Oh and Nixon's hair and glasses, all props for his video character; geez what a cheap shot, Andrew!


It may have been a cheap shot to make fun of Nixon's hair, but he is definitely a douche. Oh, and Tokio Hotel are cooler (and better looking women) than these broads.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

I think this is officially my favorite batch of comments on prefix.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/mattycakes/Kate+Bush.jpg mattycakes



What? That made less sense than this song. Which sucks.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

this poor guy is blinded by his obsessive love for lil weezy. its to bad he can't see the light. the light being even if this band is "emo with bad hur-cuts(as lil wayne likes to say)" is just as good, better imo. they could be pink hemaphrodites and it wouldnt bother me.

cooler than you

They'd actually be better if they WERE pink hermaphrodites. At least then they'd be quasi-interesting. And by that, I mean they suck.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

Lil Wayne that dude is GARBAGE as hell man,he's the reason Rap is dying today read what I say

DJ Classic


/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

ok so this song ABSOLUTLY ROCKS!!!!!!!

all you f***n haters need to shut up

and for your information they have had singles before this cover and they have had their album out since 2007 and there first single was called "Hear me now"

so can you please get your facts stright before you bash a band you don't know anything about

thanks idiot

Caylen...AKA Mrs. Nixon <3

I know all about these tools. This song ABSOLUTELY BLOWZ.

I have my facts STRAIGHT enough to know that.

And I am not an idiot. That hurt.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

This song has come on 99.5X here in Jacksonville and my wife and I are litteraly listening to CD's now. They play the gayest frickin rock possible. This gay ass emo group ripped a song from an equally GAY rappe't and copied it word for word. Wow, thats talent. Cmon people, its an easy sellout, and you fags that like it dont give a sh_it about sellouts. Your those people I meet, and im like, did you hear what he said? You: "Uh, no dood, uh, I just like the beat!" Fuc king retard maggot ass guzzling faggot hippie morons. Go read a book.

Lil Wayne

Holy dogshiit


There have been many covers, of many different genre of songs over the course of music as me know it. To sneer at a band for giving their interpretation of a song written and performed by another artist is unfair, and a sign of your unintelligence. Everyone has their own personal taste, and for some, it's obvious that this interpretation of this song is much more enjoyable. This band clearly wanted to reach out to the fans of their music/genre with a song they enjoyed themselves, but realize isn't enjoyable for others.

That being said, basing your opinion of a song off of the appearance of the band or any members is incredibly moronic, and shows a true sign of a lack of love for music. At which point, your opinion on what is, and is not good music, becomes null.

It's the equivalent to a man deciding not be a part of his son's life because he despises the woman which conceived the child. Maybe you feel there is an ethical difference, but given the fact that some people feel an absolute love and passion for music, then there is clearly no difference.


I don't like Framing Hanley because the song sucks--the fact that they look like tools only adds fuel to my distaste. I'm not sure why this band would decide that A) They need to cover Lil Wayne, and B) Why they should do an overwrought, whiny cover of a song about getting head. It's really quite terrible. As I made clear above.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

A) The reasons they covered Lil' Wayne could be numerous. My guess however is because he is on top of the world in the music industry at this point. This song in particular spent 5 weeks at the top of the Billboards. It's not hard to put 2 and 2 together. The song has been extremely successful, as has Lil' Wayne.

B) They did their interpretation of the song. They used their genre, and made the song more appealing for their fans.

Your opinion is your opinion, which you are entitled to. However, did it ever cross your mind that solid facts heavily outweigh what you THINK is and is not terrible?

So you are...

But how is that they made the song for their fans being a "fact" make it more valid than my opinion? I'm not really following your logic here.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

So far trying to understand where you're coming from has been difficult. I can see now however that you are just bitter for one of two reasons.

A) Jealousy.

B) You've had a bad experience with an "emo kid" at some point in your life.

How does fact > your opinion? Both of the songs that you are calling "quite terrible" have spent 3+ weeks on the Billboards. In conclusion, it is clearly just your opinion that is, "quite terrible".

Maybe it's...

I am jealous. Jealous at the emo kid that broke my heart. You totally "get" me now. I see the error of my ways. I love Framing Hanley.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

When all else fails a sarcastic agreement right?

Fact always has, and always will > opinion. It's not your fault, you just have bad taste.


Yeah, but your not stating what fact > my opinion. And I've been listening to this song all night (crying a lot too) and I think you're right. It's awesome.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

okay, my review on this review. However before this, I would liek to state my musical background. I am an avid hip-hop fan, not only of hip-hop like lil wayne, but also older musicians such as jay-z, Biggie, Tupac, Eminem, hilltop hoods, funkoars, and drapht, this ios crucial because it states the broadness of my hip-hop education. I am also a huge fan of pop-punk, rock, hard rock, and pop. From everything from nelly furtado, to My chemical romance, blink-182, New found Glory, the Beatles, ect.
1) The smash up of the two genres is a great bridge, which more atrists, should cross.
2) If you cannot appreciate this song cimply because of the fact that the singer is wearing eye-liner or has a lip-ring, you are being very, very, one tracked, does anyone remember bands like the beatles or any band from the british invasion? These bands wore clothing which was a young fashion, and were critisized for it, however, eventually people looked past their wardrobe. This is simply a type of fashion, and no affect an the musician's musical ability.
3)Many people are fan fo both hip-hop , and rock, and the subganres of both. Liking a remix of both does not mean you have less hip-hop or rock cred.
4)Lil Wayne could not sue this band for making this song because:
I) They are signed, therefore their label got them the rights to the song.
II) Itunes does not sell music which the artist does not have the right for selling.

So in conclusion, the review above, is more fo an opinion piece and should be listed as such. this song is infact a good song, it is a rock remix, or rather an ode to hip-hop by hip-hop fans who play rock music.
Opinion: If you want to make fun fo this band for covering the song in question, you would hae to hate on wayne because of his verse on Fallout Boy's song,"Tiffany Blews" where he is singing - with the help of a vecoder- emotional lyrics. And this must be critisized by your morals, because Fallout Boy is a emotional-rock band.
thank you for reading.

Blair Terceira

Actually I did hate Lil Wayne's verse on Tiffany Blews. I wrote that up too. But that's the only part I read of your comment--I can't really read half of it ("simply" with a "c"? Classic.).

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

You clearly have no point in posting or forming an opinion andross. I read Blair's post just fine. It's clear that you just lack the knowledge to say anything else other than to make fun of some typos.


In other words

This needs to go in the Posts Hall of Fame. 2 of my good friends now come to Prefix all the time just to see the posts. Good stuff Andrew. lol

/site_media/uploads/images/users/WillieBoy/m_0e17a4718ca3ea0b4bcf0364b506d27c.jpg WillieBoy

Thanks Willie Boy. This one should be a first ballot if we ever get that P-Fix HOF going. But if you think this is great, swing by the Tokio Hotel artist page.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

I me, one of my fav's also. I need a good laugh every once in a while.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/WillieBoy/m_0e17a4718ca3ea0b4bcf0364b506d27c.jpg WillieBoy


/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

lol andross dude clearly you have no life talking crap about a band that has success when you do what??? sit on your computer all day talking crap about people that actually have lives and have actually attained success??? seriously dude get a life and grow up its a song! lol either you hate it or love it no need to sit on here and talk crap about a song its quite funny how much of a loser you are actually


This thread is pretty awesome.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

Yo Nate, that really hurt man. But what's sadder? Me writing this stuff and having no life, and you, having a "life" commenting on what I wrote. I think we're in the same boat partner.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

I often read prefix but this posting is making me reconsider. I like the blog because it sometimes breaks stories first and also isn't afraid to post stuff that other blogs wouldn't, such as this story. But the way you've been responding to your readers is really immature and ungracious. Blair Terceira took the time to read your blog and post a thoughtful opinion, and you defensively attack him for a typo? Come on's cool how you cover a variety of subjects but you would come off as a more legitimate critic if you toned down the sarcasm and wrote something other than "this sucks" or "this is crappy." You're not the only critic that I wish would actually write about the music, the sounds. For example, I agree with you that "Sex on Fire" by Kings of Leon sucks, but it were my job to write about it I'd probably talk about the incessant repetition of a cliched lyric over a generic straight eighth-note guitar arrangement and overcompressed, flat radio-friendly production. Instead, you responded to posts on that thread with "Nope. This song just sucks." I have faith in you that you know more about music, and I mean the actual music, than you take the time or creativity to express. Step yo game up, Andross! For the record I do enjoy Wayne, although I never enjoyed the song Lollipop, and I don't enjoy Framing Hanley (or Breaking Benjamin or Saving Abel...does this emo band-name pattern have some weird undocumented connection to the film Saving Silverman? 2001 does seem like about the time when emo became more than a small subgenre...and Jason Biggs is always getting his heart broken...COINCIDENCE?).


i like both versions i like the framing hanley's a little better cause its differant but o well you can all be gay and talk sh%t but its not like there the first band to do this and they sounded better then most remakes


@ Hmmm...
I write stuff in the comments section to try to get posts like yours. It's not like I'm writing stuff like I do in the comments section in the actual post, I'm just trying to stir people up into commenting. If that means I have to write stuff like "this song sucks" to get people to talk about the post, then I'll do it. And in fairness, I wrote the "this song sucks" on the video post, which actually was explicitly about the video, not the song, per se.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

Oh, and Tokio Hotel are girls.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

All I hear is a bunch of gay people bitchin that Framing Hanley did a better job than Lil Wayne. Saying things like

no name

Damn all you haters of lil wayne!
Damn all you lovers of lil wayne!
Obviously my warning about this s**t aint get to
any of you's! Stop fighting and get Gene Wilder lookin'
muh f***a Wayne off the stage! No on hates him!
For the last time, he made a direct insult at


Lil wayne hates Pablo Picasso.....



/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

lil wayne sucks balls all he does stand on stage sing like he needs to take a sh!t and hold a guitar he is a fuking piece of sh!t that needs to die the only reason that he exists is for Framing Hanley could do an awesome cover song that came from some sh!tty rapper


andross, seriously get a life. what kind of stupid immature person are you? Like who the hell wastes their life bashing bands and making stupid little comments? Maybe instead of bashing a band that you obviously no nothing about you should get a life or maybe do some research on this band before you go talking s**t about them. If you didnt know they were already successful before doing this song,their origional album didn't even have this song and it's amazing. And if you knew anything about this band you would know that this cover wasn't a "way to get famous" as you think, it was just a joke that happened to turn into something big.I sure dont see your album on shelves or see your video on tv. At least they sing about things that have meaning and not just talking about stupid things like drugs and cars and being a millionare and sexual things with girls. Framing Hanley's songs actually have meaning in their words, so maybe next time you should do a little research before you go talking crap about an amazing band. That goes to any bashers. You can state your opinion and say you don't like the song,everyone has their opinion but that doesn't give you the right to bash a band who worked had to get where they are today. So stop talking your s**t and get a life. I LOVE FRAMING HANLEY!!! THEIR AMAZING :D KEEP IT UP GUYS,YOU ROCK!


Maybe you should do your research, my album is out on shelves now. It's called "I Listened to Framing Hanley, and I'll I got is This Terrible Case of Aural Herpes: A Symphony In 19 Movements." It totally blows this shiite out of the water.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

thats the same thing I got when listening to lil wayne talk about how rich he is, and talking about periods, how stupid. Framing Hanley is AMAZING which is why they are successful not because they made a rock cover of lollipop. They rock, just get over it. Its quite okay.


I really wouldn't call them successful. More like "lucky" and "one-hit quasi-wonders."

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

that wasn't their only hit. Duh...
Its so entertaining how stupid you are.
I love it :)


What was their other "hit" then? The only song they had that charted on the pop charts (the chart that measures hits) was this one. So, technically speaking, this is their only hit. They may have had another single. But not another hit. Meanwhile, my new single, "I Listened to Framing Hanley, and All I Got is This Terrible Case of Aural Herpes, Pt. 14" will be out tomorrow.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

i think everyone is looking at this the wrong way. framing hanley covered this song because they like lil wayne and wanted to do something to show their respect for him. im sure lil wayne likes it too. if you dont think so, try listening to his new song


I personally liked Framing Hanley's version better...stop hating and whining on the band...its all rap lovers can like wayne's version....rockers like me can listen to hanley's...


No, screw you.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

Andross is entitled to his opinion.
However I do find Andross' close minded way a little obnoxious.
Besides I like both lollipop's.
You guys are idiots you can't not like Lil Wayne's if it weren't for him there would be no amazing cover.
And this is an amazing cover Framing Hanley did quite well and the singer is amazing and I actually think he's pretty gorgeous.
Did I mention I love his hair?


I like both version its not crime to like different types of musics. Lil Waynes version was awesome and Framing Hanely version was cool too. Nixon didn't even sing the song in the same key making it different. What I didn't like was the beginnning of Framing Hanely's version was way to long .



/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

Wow, I really don't know what to say due to the inconsistency and gibberish on the off topic remarks.

It surprises me that you are able to hold on to your McDonald or Sonic job for such illiteracy.

Now on to Framing Hanely and Lil Wayne.

You have to first ASK permission to sell ANY cover song.

How do I know this...cause I work for Dope House Records and we have to do this on several of SPM's album just to use their beats. Anything else is illegal and underground.

Second, Lil Wayne and his management AREN'T stupid. Come on folks...that song has over 28 MILLION plays and was released as a SINGLE. Do the math. 28 times how much on ITUNES?

Lil Wayne received 33% of that. FYI. (and thats MILLIONS Sonic and McDonald employee's)

PERIOD. He didn't sell the rights. Now if he's smart: he also should of asked for royalties because Framing Hanely did that song justice to where they pretty much own it. Sorry but that version, hands down totally kicks any ass I've ever seen.

My third question is;



/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

I'd say Alex passed by far.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Jessums27/l_c730c54f85834d1c910dcb5861770b51.jpg Jessums27

Then you don't understand the pass/fail dichotomy.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

not that i care about emo or not, either way me not being one of those black hair emo kids i gave this band a non biast opinion.
i think the music they bring is not bad at all, you seem pretty hung up on yourself and your own opinions and from reading your article you think your some kind of simon from american idol or point, new bands spring up all the time,and making non thrashing articles makes you look alot less like a bitter dumb ass. "remember its not across the road its down the street"



/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

Well by giving the song the attention and spotlight that we all have we are giving them what they want.The more people that read see and develop an opinion on it the more exposed they will be.I think they did a great job from that perspective.I was actually laughing when i first heard the song and even found it interesting.Rock cover for a song like lollipop?Definitely has its entertainment value.(I actually have only heard lollipop original version once before too, rap just seems to be going down hill overall for me)



/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

Framing Hanley! all the way


Liar. They suck.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

the song sucks i think and i would never say that about lil'wayne i love him someday he will know that i'm the one and only for him he roxs my world with rap he will never make me mad at him NEVER EVER EVER i lov him 4 ever and aallways just like how i lov bowe r. they both have my heart.


You are missing a whole lot of punctuation and good sense there, shorteyboo.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

Get over it, the song is good and It couldn't have been any worse than lil wayne's Millionair song...Mu Muh Muh millionaiirrr. Now go listen to A Static Lullaby - Toxic so you can bitch about that.
Scene kids do it better.


EMO band? Your so mental. They're not emo, your just an idiot. They're great singers, but if you dont think so, then fine, go back to listening to your Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana crap. Framing Hanley doesnt care about haters like you.

Linkin Park 4ever

How the hell does this song sound and look


it was fun song...there's not much more to it than that. if you like it, rock out with your cock out. if you don't well...skip to the next track and put your cock away. really, one song doesn't warrant sooo much heated discussion. critics say all kinds of stupid crap but they can't take away from each person's enjoyment of a piece of music, whether you're a die hard fan or just really dig the chorus of a band's single. i think critics are really most useful when they stop trying to be creatively demeaning and outrageous and just talk about the experience of listening to a piece of music for them, positive, negative or inbetween. anyways, if you really wanna get ticked off at a critic with a god complex check out the folks over at pitchfork...they seriously think they crap roses over there.


this is dumb

why do you care?

I love how the only defense to me calling them Emo is saying that I listen to Hannah Montana. Because if I don't like this garbage, I must like her and the Jonas Brothers. Makes perfect sense. Also, I can't believe this thread has 101 comments.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

They aren't a talentless "emo" band. And second off it's pretty obvious the person who put this thread is angry about the cover. I think they need to calm down and realize one thing, Lil wayne makes a lot of money, lil wayne does not give a f*** if you made this thread, and lil wayne does not give a f*** if they made this cover. Because he already made money off the song. So calm down and relax, and accept that the cover is good, and the original is good.


This is terrible.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

Yes, this song is awful. I'm not mad at Lil Wayne in the least. I'm mad this band made a song that is so terrible.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

Be open minded. Being so one sided is a shame.


I have several things to point out, first of all this song isnt too bad, neither of the songs are but i do enjoy the rock version alittle more though cuz im more of a rock person, but rap is also very good sometimes... Secondly I absolutley hate wiggers, i mean seriously come up with your own fad and not copy blacks to seem cool unless...and this is my third point. Actuall gangsta's are people who have grown up or go through really rough times and speak of that while also tlaking about sex and drugs of course, but people who were like born into money or havn't experienced a true "rough" life should not act gangsta just to be cool thats pussy to me.. O and dont dis this song stupid Poser

POSER hater

All the haters should go off and run away.If they don't like the song remake that Framing Hanley did then they don't have to listen to it.The way they did it I found you could actually understand the lyrics more.Their video actually makes sense.Nixon and his hair are smexie!

Nixon's love

Lil wayne let them remake his song so back off. i like lil waynes version and framing hanleys version so just shut up. why does it bother you that much. just because people like emo rock better doesnt mean crap. they are good get over it.

Hey Dumb Ass

wow. really? those are mighty big words (or lack there of) for such sloppy sentence structure andross. hate hate hate. yes you are entitled to an opinion, but the funny part is, you don't HAVE ONE. you don't have a hit (cover or not), downloaded by millions. so where is the judgement coming from? you are merely a speck in this world who matters probably as much as your opinion does in regards to this song...choke on your own words, go find a song to cover, sing it as good as he does, LOOK as good as he does, and get your millions of views and downloads to earn you your rights for your judgement on this band. you HELPED them get to where they are believe it or not, because YOU, yourself, actually VIEWED AND LISTENED to the so-called "horrid" remake, making their numbers climb. ironic but thanks! it's funny how we all have talents but some of us [insert your name here andross] cling on so tightly to your weaknesses hoping to better yourself while belittling others. you poor poor lil human. and just an fyi...if you claim to be a lil wayne fan and appreciate him and his music...then here's a lil inside piece you might enjoy. Lil Wayne HAS confirmed his approval of the song and is in route to conjuring up something with the band and their peers. not too shabby for a "one hit wonder emo cover band from the sticks". beats what you will ever accomplish in your lifetime sweetheart ;) ahhhhhh, the luxury of finding something to write about. your stupidity and ignorance makes it all too easy!

Just Passing Through

I'd dignify your comment with a response, but given that you more or less copied various arguments above and called me a sad person, you can just read the thread.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

honestly if any of you believe that Nixon from Framing Hanley is actually gonna come on this small ass website and post comments, you're retarded. Anyone can come up and say they're him. I just came on here to see what it said. lol. besides that i like the song. FH has said many times they were just goofing around one day and made it because they think wayne is bad ass, which he is. they started playing it at shows and got huge responses from it long before they even put it on their album or made the video. I think it's a cool and unique cover and if you don't like it, you don't have to. But you also don't have to diss them. They actually are famous on their own accord in the rock scene with songs like "Hear Me Now" which also has a video. and in my opinion, I think Nixon is sexy with his hair and lip ring. (: so not everyone has the same opinion. Just thought I'd thow that out there.



/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

and see? the only thing you can respond to it is shut up. is it because what I said actually makes sense? that not everyone likes the same thing and the reason they covered a song is because THEY LIKED IT? wow. crazy, huh? (:


Framing hanley's version is much better then lil waynes. rap sucks, period.rap is just over ratted. everyone except a couple percential luv it. n weell, im in that percentail who hates rap...


I'm pretty sure lil wayne has a lip ring.... just saying...


so i think you are particularly idiotic for saying they suck and whatever cuz i think they're better than lil' wayne.


Thank you, haters, for keeping this thread alive. Also, this song is still the worst.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

AWESOME VIDEO, AWESOME BAND. What a well presented balanced piece of journalism. Obviously if they did so well in the charts plenty of people like them. They are up and coming idiot.

mandy smith

framing hanley are awesome, and so is lil wayne.
just because you don't like it doesn't mean you have to post about it everywhere.


lil wayne is sweet framing hanley is sweet there fans off lil wayne they did a cover of his song lil wayne also makes money off that song stop bitchin about them bein emo and get over it i mean if everyone who likes the color black and has a haircut that sticks out is emo then almost every fu@#in person in america is emo


Nixon <3<3
This song is amazing, way better than lil wayne!! and Framing Hanley are one of the best 'emo' bands around and Nixon's hair is hot :P so leave him alone.


Andrew, if you didn't appreciate the fine art of the music video being discussed, I suggest this fine video from the esteemed audio art collective Brokencyde - . This is a true masterpiece I'm sure everyone on here will appreciate in some way.


lil wayne blows, he cant do a song without auto-tune anymore, he is pimped out on everyones album, he's a joke, he's like 50 cent


I like framing hanley... i hate lil wayne but i liked this song when it was sung properly (by framing hanley)


Andross is just an attention whore. So ignore him and he'll stop with the 8 year old comebacks.


Thanks for keeping this alive, doorknobs.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

This band is a really great band! With a great sound and great lyrics! Stop hating! If you don't like it, don't listen to it! They're not a crappy "emo" band!

Framing Hanley Lover

oohhh, so all you niggas (i hate spelling it like this, but they won't let me spell it correctly which is absolutely hillarious as they allow me to spell out "nigga" but I digress) go f*cking ape sh*t (pun intended) over a rock band that covers a rap song...but when your fellow 'rappers' and 'singers' not only take a beat from an already famous song (Dragostea din tei by O-Zone), but win a f*cking award for it, its totally fine. Yeah, piss on all of you f*cking idiots bashing rock bands for something that all artists, in every genre does.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/prefix/no-user-pic.gif i_hate_people

if you dont like this type of music what type do you like.Name me some bands


I have read and came to conclusion that Andrew Winistorfer is synonymous to ... a Troll...

Regardless of the music, I found it funny when someone legitimately questioned his opinion he responds with "Wrong" or "They Suck" .
And they have said themselves they just did this for fun one day as they are fans of lil wayne, they never planned on releasing it as a single it just sort of happened due to the positive response they got from playing it.

I enjoyed feeding the troll, keepin it alive :)


What would be stupid is a rapper doing a cover of a rock song. As far as I'm concerned I heard Framing Hanley's version before Lil' Wayne's and I like the rock genre way more than the r'n'b one. I think this just boils down to who likes what sort of music. You evidently like rap and synthesised sh-t like the rest of the goddamn planet, whereas I, and a minority of other people appreciate rock music as it's nine times out of ten, got people who can actually sing. Admittedly it wasn't a great cover but I'm a huge Framing Hanley fan and I think as long as Kenneth Nixon can show off his full vocal capacity, then that's goddamn epic :)


first off Framing Hanley is not an emo band! just because who ever posted this little angsty thing doesn't like the song covered by framing hanley doest mean Everyone hates them. I'm one of the people who Loves Framing Hanley their talent is amazing also. I am one person who hates rap. it's stupid and you can never understand the words. also if you hate people who cover rap bands Do Not listen to them!


f-ck everyone who says this version sucks. i think its just as good as the original and there really is no reason at all why its not besides it not having wayne in it. i bet all u douchebags sayin this sh-t right now wuldnt be sayin all that if wayne was actually featured in it. f-ck all of u haters


wow ur an idiot!!! they not only hit it big with that cd they have a 2nd one out now thats doing good. The band rocks, the singers hot, and you just have no taste in music.


Angela Devi is that you? Colin Moulder-McComb is that you?


oh my goodness
personally i like this version better plus they r totally hot but i mean u guys shouldn't fight over which style of music is better let people have there opinions and personally i like both types of music but not everyone has to everyone has a talent and these happen to be different talents they both have fans and who u like is Ur own opinion and not every one has to agree with u
in my opinion i think both songs r bombin
its the differences that make your world have character and interest
what if wrap or "emo" was the only thing u could listen to and u got sick of it there was nothing else to end ur phase u should be greatfull that we have choices


Framing Hanley version was better better. I like Lil Waynes version to but Framing Hanley just improved the song. Everyone has there own opinion and wat I like may not b wat u like so its all a matter of choice.

Smiley Face:)

Screw ALL OF YOU FOR SAYING THIS IS AN EMO BAND! its NOT. and Framing Hanley anlong with all the other real bands like it put way more effort than just vocals like gay rap does. in rap, the person is just know for autotune/crapy vocals. thats all they do. Now with Real Music, you have a Bass Player, 1 or 2 Guitar Players, a Drummer, and a Vocalist, Possibly backup vocals to. they Work and Know REAL MUSIC and share the credit with everyone in the band. Where as rap, they dont know music bearly at all, and take the credit all for themselves! they dont even make the music! They just sing a Crapy vocal line!!!!


You said you were 7 earlier, so that makes you about 9 now? Right. My little brother is nine, and he can carry on an intelligent conversation a lot better than you can. If you want to bash a band, that's your right. Feel free! I, for one, don't like the lyrics to this song - no matter WHO is singing it. But the talent behind the cover is incredible.
Furthermore, if you're some nine year old, what are you doing listening to things like this? Let alone trying to come up with a decent response to the song itself.
Framing Hanley is incredibly popular right now, and (unlike most bands out there today) with good reason! If you'll read some of their posts and documentaries, you'll find out that when this song became famous, they weren't all that happy. They became known as "that one band that covered Li'l Wayne's song". They covered Li'l Wayne because they COULD and because they thought it would be FUN. And guess what?!?!? They were SUCCESSFUL!!
If you ever happen to come back and read this, chances are all you'll say is something like "shudup", as you've said previously.
This is what I get when I google framing hanley... Links to your pathetic excuse for a critique.

Really now, kid?

i know this article was made two years ago but i had to comment after reading the first two comments. this song is pretty sick and it's played at almost every party i go to. i have to say that some people need to learn how to spell's embarassing to live with people who spell things like faget...really? and andross youre a little niglette lol. you hate this song because it's better than lil waynes version and you dont like that because youre black...and you have people like weiner up there backing you up thinking the lyrics say they wanna lick the rapper...when its actually wrapper, as in the wrapper to the lollipop. well im done, this was fun =p peace


That comment, along with this thread, is insane.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/dkolitz/35687_1225617565262_1373700210_31122403_7498586_njpg.jpg dkolitz

I am black, apparently. Also, this is one of my crowning achievements here: writing a quick hit about a bad song that is getting comments two years later.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

i'm dissapointed that FH chose to do a cover on a lil wayne song, they could at least chose another rapper with some good lyrics, but i guess they did it for fun, the vid is ok.


I will have to say, I do like both songs... I do however want to point out that FH did do a cover, and MANY, MANY artists do covers. ALSO I would like to point out that many "Rap" artists use sampling from metal and rock band, some that aren't that old either or from songs that had just made it big. All artists use something that was created and brought to the table by other artists. I am of the opinion that "at least FH used their own instruments and voices" to bring something new to this song. They could have just pulled a **** or a ***** and just sampled parts of the song and thus ruining the song by taking away it's meaning and reducing it to a s**tty rap song. I give props to them using their creative talents to issue a song that is very popular, putting a new spin on it, and releasing it. Like I said I like bother versions. BUT everyone is entitled to their opinions. Thank you!


This band fails, the FACT they need to cover a song to get their #1 hottest single to this day is pathetic, no creativity (not to mention they got mediocre critic reviews on this album, even worse reviews on their newest album). What's even more pathetic is this cover sucks so bad, it's absolutely boring. Now go to youtube and watch this video, the comments will FULLY suggest the main reason people watch this is for the lead singer and the girl and how “hot” they are, they really pushed for "Sex Sells" in this video, didn't they? And I know the song is about sex anyway, but Wayne's vid didn't even have much crazy sex references as this video did (strip poker & undressing at the pool). Horrible band, this is what's wrong with rock today, dumb kids only caring about the band members and how "hot" they are, listen to real rock/metal, the classics that actually had talent, no not talent in fixing your emo hair up. All the Lil Wayne haters, you can't say sh** considering if it wasn't for Weezy making this song (yes Wayne DOES make his own lyrics AND he doesn't write them down), this song and your porno video would not be in existence PLUS Weezy has released albums from the start of his career that have attained WAY much more critical success than any of the 2 albums this failure band has put out, go research it (Tha Carter). This was my 2 cents basically filled with FACTS, don't like it? Sorry you're dumb and IDGAF :)


Every band has followers, every band has haters. They are liked enough to schedule a 2 month long european tour and have been touring almost full time since nov 2008, with i think a total of about 4 months off, and also did shows around the country in 2007 as well . so someone likes them, including me. I have been front row at Flint Michigan's Machine Shop every time that have played since 2008 and a few other nearby venues. They were touring long before lollipop was a hit as well. So until you can come up with a band that is successful enough to tour internationally, I really dont think anyone has room to talk s**t. And regarding the video, just because you sing, doesn't mean you have to be able to act. You dont have to like them, but do respect them. One cover, Look at all their songs and they have done 1 cover. doubt they expected that it would blow up like it did either. thanks D.C. 25


I like the band & I like their version of this song. I guess I just like the gay ass "emo" s**t, but I will be following them for a long time. Nixon: your hair is adorable & your wife is very lucky. BTW I met him at a concert & he is one of the sweetest guys on the planet!


Um.... this kinda pathetic. Don't you think? How old are you guys? 12? I'm 14 and i don't even act like this. Why are you so worried about the band if you hate them? I hate Miley Cyrus but I don't go prancing around making websites about her and saying oh she's a total skank. That would make her even more famous. Yeah I like Framing Hanley and I like Lil Wayne, but if i hated them I wouldn't be doin this lame junk. They must be a pretty darn good band if they are exceeding.


F--k everyone who disses framing hanley. You all are jealous just because they actually have talent, unlike rap artists. Anyone can get up there and and scream out abunch of s--t that rhymes. In my opinion, rap=s--t.


Jesus Christ.

This cover is awful, it has nothing to do with my opinion on Framing Hanley, I just don't understand how anyone can prefer the cover to the original, it's Lil Wayne's song in Lil Wayne's genre, whereas Framing Hanley have taken a Lil Wayne song out of Lil Wayne's genre and covered it in their genre, (and may I just state at this point, I am in fact a fan of both Rock and Rap, and Heavy Metal and Hip-Hop) but Jesus Christ, that cover is appalling, it looks like they have finally been invited to a party and have got over excited at the prospect of kissing another human being, who isn't in their band.
Lil Wayne forever <3


im a huge Framing Hanley fan and i find it kinda funny that you say that they'll end up working at McD's when right now they're touring all over the world making tons of money and their recent album was in the top 20 albums on itunes beating Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus for a good week. I personally find them absolutely amazing and incredibly talented. I have both of their albums and all of their singles on itunes. I've seen them live twice and met them personally after the concerts. they're all very sweet and kind-hearted guys who deserve to go very far. so while you sit here and write your little hate-blogs about that ONE crappy cover, they're the ones who are laughing all the way to the bank. and i find it hilarious that you call them emo cause not once do they sing about killing themselves or hating the world. maybe you should listen to the lyrics of their songs and do some actual digging on them before bashing. oh and just an fyi the band was becoming pretty famous for Hear Me Now before they even covered Lollipop.


I actually find this cover much better than the original. Framing Hanley are an amazing band (and not because of the sexx god that is kenneth Nixon is the lead singer) and if you wern't so narrow-minded you might actually be ably to see that. And you did not call Nixons hair? His hair is amazing, way better than lil wayne's. Framing Hanley are my favourite band. And if you listen to their songs then you will realise that the write about life, not just the first random thing that pops into their head like most of the singers that are in the charts these days. Grow a pair and realise that there are band out side of your favourite genre that are good and actually have talent. No way will these ever be working in McDonalds. Guess I must like that 'emo s--t' but i would rather listen to it than the crap you call music that has been in the charts recently. And what am I if I think Nixons hair is epic and he is one of the fittest people on earth??   What does that make me?


Idk what the hell you guys are botching for it's a good song both my Wayne and framing Hanley... Plus lil Wayne like the cover that they did.. Also theses guys are way more successful Then the hateres on here so shut your mouth and take that stick up your ass and listen to more verity of music and take that stick out of your ass

Good day


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