Crappy emo band covers Lil Wayne, somehow hits the charts (Video)


    Framing Hanley, a terrible, terrible, emo band from Tennessee have hit the Billboard charts (at number 37) somehow behind a brooding, Hinder-lite cover of Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop.” The video is above for your derision, but be forewarned; skip to 2:18 mark lest you be subjected to the singer with the tragic haircut engaging in some painful dialogue.


    This raises some interesting questions: who exactly is buying this band’s album (or buying the song on iTunes)? Is there really a branch of people who hate rap, but like awful covers of rap songs done by guys who wear lip rings? Or do rap fans secretly like it when rock bands, who have no shot at becoming famous on their own, do a timely cover of a song that was a major hit only three months ago?


    Either way, I take great solace in knowing these guys will be working at their local McDonalds again by year’s end, while Lil Wayne will be taking a portion of their money from the song. [Idolator]