Craig Finn Reveals Solo Debut, ‘Clear Heart Full Eyes,’ Details

    Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn’s first two solo tracks appeared online late last week, only to be taken down shortly thereafter. When they were posted, we noted that he had a full-length debut in the works. And now just three days later, he has revealed all of the details surrounding his first solo album.

    Finn’s calling it Clear Heart Full Eyes in honor of TV show Friday Night Lights, a fitting choice given the fact he recorded the album in the show’s setting of Texas. The record is produced by Mike McCarthy, who has previously worked with Spoon and …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. In regards to chosing the album title, Finn said the following in a press release: 

    “It’s a juxtaposed reference to ‘Friday Night Lights,’ a TV show that excited and moved me and also happened in Texas. Further, ‘Clear Heart’ signifies honesty and transparency, and ‘Full Eyes’ suggests experience.”

    Clear Heart Full Eyes is due out Jan. 24, 2012 on Vagrant Records. You can view the track listing below.

    1. Apollo Bay
    2. When No One’s Watching
    3. No Future
    4. New Friend Jesus
    5. Jackson
    6. Terrified Eyes
    7. Western Pier
    8. Honolulu Blues
    9. Rented Room
    10. Balcony
    11. Not Much Left Of Us