Courtney Love’s Paranoid Sounding Claims Backed Up By Other Sources

    The headline “Courtney Love’s Phones And Computers Bugged, Says Courtney Love” reads kind of like “Giant Pterodactyl in Road Caused 10-Car Pileup, Asserts Tripping Balls Driver.” But in this case, that parallel isn’t as accurate as you’d guess. In fact, the New York Daily News quotes not only Love, but also a few corroborating sources who back up her story. According to the singer, men masquerading as Los Angeles and Malibu police officers — and working in cahoots with Love’s staff in L.A. — showed up to her home three times last year in attempts to take her “to the looney bin” and gain access to millions of dollars. If you think that sounds like paranoia talking (because it totally does), you’ll be surprised to learn that a private investigator hired by Love not only co-signs her story, but states that there’s proof! From the News:


    Adam DelMonte and Michael Kenworthy of AC Digital Services…say they recorded the “blitz” on security cameras they installed in Love’s house. “These impostors then flipped the situation on Mrs. Cobain and tried to strong-arm her and scare her into feeling she needed to hire them for protection,” DelMonte and Kenworthy assert in a letter. “Fortunately, we were able…to get them out of her life.”

    They go on to say that Love’s former staffers installed “numerous types of spyware on her computers and her phone. Both her camera and microphone on her cell phone were bugged at one point.” Love, meanwhile, has hightailed it to New York City — Tribeca, to be specific — and though she says she’s called law enforcement to look into her case, she’s gotten no response. She chalks the disinterest in her claims, rightfully, to a less-than-stellar reputation, saying, “My biggest problem is that I’m Courtney Love.” [Daily News via Stereogum]