Courtney Love wins Debt-Management Of The Year award

    It seems that the suit Courtney Love brought against the other members of the Nirvana LLC–meaning Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic–over how exactly to release “You Know You’re Right” was never fully paid for by Miss Love. The attorneys who represented her in the suit, which ultimately led to the song being released on the largely disappointing With The Lights Out box set and the self-titled greatest hits album, were paid in excess of a million dollars for their services, a sum that fell short of the actual price tag by over $300,000. There’s also the issue of the $200,000 in interest accrued, of course, but that’s all been settled now by the constantly embattled former Mrs. Cobain. Given that she reportedly made nine million dollars from the box set and greatest hits album–and that’s only Pulse Of Radio‘s low guestimate, by the way–one might wonder what exactly she did with the money before paying off her legal team.