Courtney Love Sued For Possibly Getting Other People In Trouble

    Another day, another ridiculous Courtney Love court date. This time around, her ex-assistant, Jessica LaBrie, has filed a lawsuit claiming that Love withheld her salary because LaBrie refused to “commit fraudulent, unlawful, and unethical acts.”

    According to LaBrie, Love wanted her to hire a computer hacker and counterfeit legal documents, but she doesn’t specifiy why Love would want her to do such things.

    LaBrie worked for Love for a year, often logging 60-hour work weeks while her employer only paid her a fraction of her agreed-upon salary. She quit after Love failed to pay, and now she’s writing a tell-all book about Love tentatively titled Get Me A Xanax. This last fact puts the whole thing in a somewhat different light, and wisely enough, Love has declined to comment on the matter. [TMZ]