Courtney Love Gets Sued By Her Lawyers

    Courtney, Courtney, Courtney…it always seems like as soon as Ms. Love is out of legal troubles, something else pops up. Last week, Love’s attorney, Rhonda Holmes, sued her for defamation of character because of something the musician tweeted in 2010.

    And today, TMZ reported that Kurt Cobain’s widow is being sued by her former lawyers, Keith A. Fink & Associates, who claim that Love owes them more than $400,000 in legal bills after hiring them for 14 legal matters in 10 months back in 2009. Though the singer always showed gratitude for the firm’s work in forms of gifts, thank-you notes, flowers and concert tickets, Fink said when it came to payments, most of her checks bounced. Subsequently, the firm is requesting $466,029.41 in back payment s and late fees plus punitive damages.

    Love’s rep, Steve Honig, told TMZ “Courtney has not been served with anything, so as far as we’re concerned there is no lawsuit. Additionally, Keith has not been her attorney for many years, so it’s a bit odd that this would surface now.”