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Courtney Love fails to release album, announces hefty sponsorship deals

Things with Courtney Love are rarely simple, and the release of her latest album, Nobody's Daughter, is no exception. Though Love had made some assertions via her website that the album would be released on January first, the day came and went without riff or comment. Love's disappointed fans will take heart, however, from a recent post on her MySpace by someone indentifing himself/herself only as Love's "Head MySpace Adminsitrator." After comparing Love's absent album to Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler, the nameless administrator goes on to assert that the album was delayed by "paranormal technical issues" in its original studio. The real gem, though (and this comes in a message that, once again, uses the term "paranormal technical issues"), is that Love has secured thirty million dollars in sponsorships for Nobody's Daughter from "a prominent feminine hygiene/menstrual company and a prominent tequila company." While the music world is left to ponder the crossover marketing potential, hopefully Love will actually get around to releasing the album. [Stereogum]
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Courtney Love

Courtney Love fails in life.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/margaritaland/foto2.jpg margaritaland

$30 million. No way.
In a related side note, I was at a bar the other night and they played a track off the first Hole album. It still sounded good to me.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

I need new Courtney Love music in life. No joke. I need it. I wish she would release something already...

/site_media/uploads/images/users/WilliamTrinity/william.jpg WilliamTrinity

That myspace dude is a tweeker. Duh.


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