Courtney Love Allegedly Owes Over $300,000 in Unpaid Taxes

    Courtney Love no longer casts a huge shadow over Twitter with her incessant postings, and a possible reason for her lack of online presence has surfaced. Officials in Los Angeles County have filed a federal tax lien against Love, saying she owes $324,335.21 in unpaid taxes. Clearly, she has more important matters on her hands than Twitter.


    TMZ is the source for this story, so treat with suitable caution, although Love’s lawyer, Keith Fink, has commented on the incident. He blames her former business manager for the debacle, and is quoted as saying: “Ms. Cobain has every intention of paying those taxes.”


    Lawsuits have rained down on Love in 2009, and she hit headlines earlier this year when American Express and her former bodyguards tried to sue her for an alleged $400,000. One of Love’s infamous Twitter rants also addressed a similar issue, where she maintained that Kurt Cobain’s estate had been ransacked in a vicious scam. That Hole reunion really can’t come around quick enough for Love.