Couple in All the Woodstock Photos Still Together

    There are plenty of stories from Woodstock about brief, fleeting, um, acts of love, but far fewer about couples who made it through that weekend of free love and debauchery unscathed. But the New York Daily News has discovered a couple from the event — the most famous couple, in fact — still living together in married bliss, just miles from where the famous 1969 concert took place. Nick and Bobbi Ercoline, whose picture became a stock image from the event, and even graced the Woodstock album and poster, married two summers after the music festival and remain so, four decades later. The two were unaware of being photographed at the time and didn’t discover the image until years later, as they listened to the Woodstock album at a friend’s house:


    We weren’t striking a pose. We were as surprised as everybody to see that photo on the album cover,” said Nick to the News. The realization came slowly, and only after he recognized the orange butterfly in the photo. “It belonged to this guy Herbie. We latched on to him that day because he was having a very bad experience. He was tripping pretty heavily and he had lost his friends. After I saw that staff I said, ‘Hey that’s our blanket.’ Then I said, ‘Hey, that’s us.'”


    There’s a renewed interest in the pic and all things Woodstock because of the upcoming 40th anniversary of the music festival. Michael Lang, one of the original organizers, has suggested Brooklyn, New York’s Prospect Park as a possible site, but there’s been no confirmation as of yet. [Daily News via Gothamist]