Could U.S. And Canada Co-Host Olympics 2024?

    According to Yahoo Sports, Toronto and Buffalo are discussing making a joint bid for the 2024 Olympic Games. This would mark the first Olympics to officially be staged in more than one country.

    City leaders from both cities (which are 100 miles apart) have openly discussed the idea, with Toronto City Councilor James Pasternak pushing the idea, his reason being that any bid for the Games should include partnering with an American city to cut down the severe costs involved with staging the event.

    Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown sounds receptive, stating “It’s a novel concept. [It’s] very interesting to hear about a proposal to bring an Olympics to a binational area – to come to Toronto and the city of Buffalo. I am certainly intrigued by it.”

    The two representives are currently discussing ways to take the plan forward.

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