Cory Gunz Got Love For Rawse… & an Album Title

    Cory Gunz has something in common with Saigon (besides the backhanded compliment of being a perennial rapper-you-should-hear, as opposed to a rapper-you-actually-hear): an album title being shared with another, more popular rapper.


    During Gunz’ appearance on Shade45 radio, hosts Heather B and Sway asked about Rick Ross’ upcoming album God Forgives, I Don’t having the same title as Gunz’ planned EP. Gunz noted he began working on his proposed record 3 years ago and found the current situation “a bit frustrating,” but “I should be honored that somebody that’s at the pinnacle right now, we thinking the same. Hopefully, I’ll be in his position soon.” Sway tried to bait Gunz further, but the young emcee continued to share his respect for Ross, “He has some of the hottest tapes out now.” Non-news! I love it when the internet leads you to believe there is beef… and then it’s actually a story of a boy from the inner city with a level head trying to do right. Cue credits and outro music.

    Oh, and never mind that both Gunz and Ross have a case of the Tarantinos and are under-mentioning the fact there is a spaghetti western of the same title God Forgives… I Don’t! Because you know they’re both filling up their Netflix cues with obscure spaghetti westerns. I guess the ellipsis and exclamation point make all the difference. But there’s your beef, internet! I give in.

    The rest of the interview includes a towel-waving freestyle between Cory Gunz and his father Peter. Check out the escapade over at RealTalkNY here.