Cornershop coming back

    Via The Tripwire:
    Not many specific details are available yet, but reports have Cornershop main man Tjinder Singh working on two new albums. Where’s he been for a while? Cornershop’s last release was 2002’s Handcream for a Generation. Fitting for today, it was definitely an “album after” that disappointed people who’d come to know the band from “Brimful of Asha” off When I was Born For the 7th Time. But Handcream had its highs, like “Staging the Plaguing of the Raised Platform” and “Slip the Drummer One.” And Cornershop’s “album before,” Woman’s Gotta Have It, remains ridiculously solid. Even the album from Singh’s side project Clinton was playfully fun. So I for one am excited to see what Singh comes back with.