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Cool New Blog: Joy Division Bootlegs

Here's a cool blog that I was hipped to thanks to Daily Swarm: It's called Joy Division bootlegs, and it basically delivers just that, collecting bootlegs of performances by the legendary Joy Division (and some New Order). Being that the band recorded only two albums, one EP and a handful of singles, it's perfect for the Joy Division completist who would like to own about 45 different takes of "She's Lost Control." Go here to check it out

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Joy Division
New Order

Oh man, I've been hitting this blog up for months. It's a gold mine.

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could you email me I have a few of questions that I did not want to make available to everyone


well, it suppose to be in 3D, can I download and watch? will it show normally?


Thanks for sharing the link, but argg it seems to be offline... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please reply to my message if you do!

I would appreciate if someone here at could post it.


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