The Cool Kids sign with Chocolate Industries

    Pitchfork reports that underground rap duo The Cool Kids have left their previous label, Fool’s Gold (run by Kanye West friend and collaborator A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs), and signed with Chocolate Industries for their upcoming releases. The result: The coming months promise a rapid progression of releases from the retro-sounding but not retro-minded duo (to better understand that, take a look at the video for their single, “Black Mags,” which is devoted to their love of BMX bikes).
    Chocolate Industries will be releasing the duo’s “Black Mags” single in November, followed by their EP, The Bake Sale, in January. Toward the middle of 2008, the label plans to release a full length album from the group, tentatively titles Totally Flossed Out. In the meantime, fans of rap that haven’t heard of these two should do their best to catch up, as the duo boasts both lyrical dexterity and an ability to morph their wordplay into catchy songs. Imagine the Clipse, except more playful than menacing.
    VIDEO (“Black Mags”):

    (EDIT: Just informed, The Cool Kids were never officially signed to Fool’s Gold.)