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Cool & Dre Promise Lil Wayne's <i>Rebirth</i> Won't Be All "Rock" (Video)

Cool & Dre are the producers of Lil Wayne's ever-pushed back Rebirth album, and they were interviewed recently about the album's rockist tendencies. Apparently, we need not fear that the entire album will be full of "Prom Queen"-like bombs; Cool and Dre say in the above clip that there's a lot of rap records on the album (supposedly like those on Tha Carter III), and since "Prom Queen" sounds like what they call a "rock" record, everyone has been assuming that the entire album would be like that. Considering Wayne himself has been calling it a rock album, I'm not sure I'm willing to buy this. But I'm still holding out hope that the entire thing just gets shelved. [NahRight]

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Lil Wayne

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Cool Steph

the real question is can these two guys promise that Rebirth won't be all "Crap"

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