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Converse to release Kurt Cobain sneakers

The estate of Kurt Cobain will embark into the questionable world of posthumous endorsement deals, as Cobain is set to have his own Converse signature models.  A limited edition of custom Cobain Converse sneakers will be released this summer as part of the company's year-long 100th anniversary celebration.


Plans include a Converse low-top one-star -- he was wearing this style at the time of his death -- with his signature stitched near the heel, as well as a series of Chuck Taylor high tops that will be adorned with Cobain's drawings and writings published in the book Journals. Not surprising, Courtney Love, who's had her share of financial woes the past few years and recently claimed Cobain's estate was conned of millions of dollars via identity fraud, approved the Cobain-Converse connection. Check out pictures of the sneakers here.

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i think that seems cool!

i love the way that they have printed the lyrics on them instead of pictures of the actual band!

cause lests face it kurt wasnt the dude in the band!

lyrics are all the bands work!

loves it!


Great. I can't wait till they auction off pieces of his skull.

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