Converse Reveals Latest Artist Short Film Featuring Kid Cudi


    A few days ago, the cobblers of Converse announced that their latest three-artist-pileup (this time featuring Rostam Batmangli, Kid Cudi, and Bethany Consentino) would be released later this summer. In preparation for it, Converse has been releasing short YouTube clips individually highlighting the project’s participants.


    After showcasing Best Coast’s first European tour, Converse has released the latest installment of this transpartently-buzz-baiting series, this time featuring Kid Cudi. In it, we find the man on the moon exploring considerably less spacey terrain (his hometown of Cleveland, OH) while talking about the origins of his creativity. At a little over a minute and a half, it’s packed with an inordinate amount of part-laughable, part-inspiring lines, with the best among them being: “My name is Kid Cudi, I’m the dream weaver of songs. What do you do?” Take that, world.